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As previously communicated, the sales of new IDI policies were suspended as of September 1, 2016, with September 1, 2016 being the last date MetLife accepted a new business application. Due to the unexpectedly high volume of applications received in the final week, MetLife has extended the Final Issue and Final Placed dates.

Final Issue Date will be:  November 14, 2016.  This provides time needed to complete the underwriting of the case, issue the policy and facilitate the delivery of the issued policies.  This also allows adequate time to secure the initial premium and signed delivery requirements.

Final Placed Date will be: November 30, 2016.  In order for a policy to be considered placed; sufficient premium must be received no later than November 30, 2016 with all other signatures and/or outstanding delivery requirements received (in good order) in Tampa no later than December 2, 2016.

MetLife's underwriting staff is working diligently to evaluate each application and issue based on their best and final offer, which means once issued, the policy will have to be placed 'as is'. Given volumes and tight time frames we will not be able to reconsider the underwrite offer.  Reissues will only be available if a policy was issued incorrectly (by the Home Office).  MetLife will not have the space to make additions or deletions or make policy changes based on riders or rating applied by the underwriter or premium reduction changes requested after issue.

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