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MetLife to Suspend Individual Disability Insurance Sales Effective September 1, 2016

The final date to submit business is September 1, 2016 and the final date to place business October 31, 2016.  NOTE: APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO IRA BROKERAGE BY AUGUST 25, 2016 TO ALLOW FOR PROPER PROCESSING OF THE PAPERWORK.

The suspension affects the fully underwritten IDI line under US Retail.  The Group, Voluntary & Worksite Benefits business will continue to manufacture and sell Group Disability Insurance/Guaranteed Standard Issue business as they do today.

Click here for full announcement.

Click here for details regarding compensation, existing clients, and placing business.

Please contact our office for any questions or concerns. Tel. 248-553-9505


Win Big Sales Contest

We've joined forces with Standard Insurance Company (The Standard) to add a little fun to selling The Standard's products.  We're holding a sales contest from September 1st to October 31st, and any IRA producer is eligible to win prizes.

All producers will win a Starbucks gift card with the FIRST application submitted to The Standard during the contest period.  Bigger prizes await those who place the Most Total Premium, the Highest Paid Single Case or the Most Paid Cases.

Win Big - Click Here for Contest Details

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IRA Brokerage

MetLife Annouces Occupation Class Upgrades and Additions

Starting September 25th, MetLife is offering occupation class upgrades and additions.  

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Ameritas Introduces a new BOE Product

Effective September 30th, Ameritas lowered pricing, built-in new policy features along with new and improved riders.

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Big News from Principal!

Big News from Principal!  Many changes took effect Monday, September 22, 2014. 

New to the industry.  Individuals working part-time are now eligible for up to $5000/month in coverage. These individuals include occupational classes 3A/3A-M and above.  Eligible individuals working are working 20-29 hours per week, earning at least $40,000+/year.  

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